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Financial and accountancy services within Sports & Entertainment

At ITA we understand that sports and entertainment professionals have short careers whilst experiencing a rapid escalation in wages and endorsements. We are also aware how these wages plummet when careers end at an early age.

How we can help

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Tax returns & HMRC compliance

ITA can take care of your statutory tax returns and deal with HMRC enquiries. This allows you to concentrate on what you do best.

Cashflow and budgeting

We conduct an in-depth review of your income and expenditure, helping you manage your money over time. With the use of our Accounts Management System, we work with our clients to model how goals can be achieved. The ultimate goal is to plan for the future.

Protecting your wealth

An increasing number of sport & entertainment professionals are filing for bankruptcy with 5 years of retiring. ITA will work closely with you to formulate a long-term strategy, giving you confidence that your wealth is sustained.

Image rights

If you want to protect what you have worked so hard for, then ITA can advise on suitable ways to structure your image rights.

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